The Best Airport Parking Rates in Perth

Days Outdoor parking Undercover parking
1st day $67.33 $79.97
2nd -3rd day $0 $0
4th day $0.00 $5.49
5th day $0.00 $8.68
6th day $3.47 $8.68
7th day $5.09 $8.68
8th - 14th day $8.26 $13.99
Each additional day
(or part thereof)
$5.50/day $15.54/day

Prices are valid from 01st March 2021

We began this business as a way to offer the best value in Perth for long term airport parking, and to this day we maintain that the service we offer is second to none. This is particularly reflected in the options we offer – instead of just providing a one-fits-all model which may not work for everyone, we offer both indoor and outdoor parking. It is through this that we hope to provide for you the most ideal option possible for your particular situation at an affordable price.

Exceptional Parking services that will keep you coming back

Perth Airport parking is our specialty, so you can easily avoid airport parking fees. Relax on your next business or pleasure trip knowing that your car is securely parked at AirportParking4Less, Belmont.

Located just minutes from Perth Airport, we are open 7 days a week and operate fast free shuttles to and from domestic, international and regional terminals. Our parking rates are charged per calendar day or part thereof.

Good old-fashioned service is our aim – so let us make your next trip to the airport a pleasure..

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are interested in finding long term parking for your domestic or international travel, we’d love for you to get in touch. Ask us any questions about long term parking or find out more about Airport Parking 4 Less by sending us an email at enquiries@airportparking4less.com.au. Alternatively, speak with us directly by phoning us on (08) 9475 0600 or 0419 838 969.

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